For designer Ulf Nordfjell, Swedish nature is always present in his designs and he has a strong preference for natural materials. Modern, strong design elements are the underlying theme always apparent in his parks and gardens. Products are made of Swedish materials such as granite, steel and timber.

About Ulf Nordfjell

“Swedish nature is always
present in my garden design”

Ulf Nordfjell

Designer Ulf Nordfjell is a leading landscape architect working partly in his own private practice and for Ramböll Sweden in Stockholm for public spaces. As an exhibition architect and designer he has created some of Sweden’s largest outdoor exhibitions and thus evoked a new interest for contemporary Swedish garden design, among others the Garden Society in Gothenburg in 2008.  Ulf has won many prizes for his landscape architecture in Sweden. City parks in the cities of Malmö, Lund, Göteborg, Norrköping, Linköping, Stockholm, Skellefteå and Umeå are prime examples of Ulf’s work. The main entrance of the Botanical Garden and the Garden Society in Gothenburg are examples of reconstructed and developed historical parks. Examples of City development including modern parks are large projects in Skellefteå and Umeå and new housing projects in Stockholm such as Silverdal, Sollentuna and Dalenum, Lidingö.

Numerous private gardens throughout Sweden bear testament to Ulf’s creative landscape skills. Ulf’s interest in combining architecture and design with horticulture and nature is well known and he has developed his own style, based on the local genus for every project. His passion for designing with plants can be seen in all of his projects, all of which take into consideration the variable climates that appear from the North to South of Sweden. An example is the permanent exhibition “The Gardens of the Forest” at Wij gardens in Ockelbo. “I think Swedish nature is always present in my garden design.”

Ulf won RHS Gold medals for his Tribute to Linnaeus Garden 2007, The Daily Telegraph Garden 2009 and The Laurent – Perrier garden 2013. In 2009 he was awarded the prestigious title Best In Show. Nowadays he has just completed the book “Gardens” with focus on climate change and seasons for Norstedts, which will be on sale 6th of February 2023 in Swedish. During 2022 several gardens in Stockholm and his fourth garden on the French Riviera has been completed. Ulf has been published many times in Gardens Illustrated UK, for instance in February 2019, April 2019 and July 2021. In December 2021 was a big article in the magazine Country Life UK. 2020, he did a short film for “Gardens without nights and Gardens without sun” for an international landscaping seminar in Melbourne, Australia which was inhibited because of the pandemic.

Gardens and parks

Skellefteå Stadspark / Ulf Nordfjell, Photographer Jason Ingram

Private gardens

2017 – 2022

Private gardens in Saltsjöbaden, Lidingö, Djursholm, Sweden and
St Tropez, France  etc.


Private garden in Antibes, France, on going project

2015 – 2021  

Rydboholm castle, an ongoing restoration and modern addings
to a baroque castle nearby Stockholm, Sweden

2014 – 2019

Private Sea Shore garden in Österlen, South Sweden

2013 – 2014

Private garden in St Tropez, France

2012 – 2013

Private garden at Lidingö, Sweden (Ekholmsnäs)


Garden at Design hotel Ett Hem, centre of Stockholm, Sweden


Private Estate, Värmdö, Sweden (Villa Sandö)
Private garden, centre of Stockholm (Villa Johan)


Zetas Garden Centre in association with housing architect
LindbergStenberg Architects, Stockholm, Sweden


The Botanical Garden of Göteborg, Sweden, a reconstruction of `A tribute to Linnaeus´

2004 – 2005

Wij Gardens, Ockelbo, Sweden,`The gardens of the forest´

2003 – 2008

The Garden Society of Göteborg, Sweden, masterplan and garden exhibition


Public parks

2019 – 2022

Landscaping for the detailed plans of Alviks strand, Stockholm, Sweden
Landscaping for a new cemetery in Umeå, Sweden
Summer planting  schemes of annuals for the city parks in Umeå and Skellefteå, Millesgården and Rydboholm Castle etc. All in Sweden  

2018 – 2019

Developing plans for Norra Djurgårdsstaden, Alviks strand and Värtahamnen, all in Stockholm, Sweden

2016 – 2017

Citypark in the centre of Lund, Sweden,`The Garden of sun and shadow´

2013 – 2017

Citypark in the centre of Umeå, Sweden, Rådhusparken, restoration and a waterfront park all in a modern design, perennial and annual borders etc.


Berzelii Park, a total makeover of city park in the centre of Stockholm, Sweden 

2010 – 2018

Museum of Millesgården, Lidingö, Sweden, exhibitions and annuals borders


The garden ” A tribute to Linnaeus” being removed and reconstructed permanently in Växjö, Sweden, the birth city of Linnaeus

2005 – 2018

Citypark in the centre of Skellefteå, Sweden, waterfront park, water piazza, playground area, perennial and annual borders etc.




Chelsea Flower Show, London, UK


Christmas exhibition at Millesgården and Waldemarsudde Art Museum, Stockholm, Sweden

Nordfjell Collection at the Furniture Fair Stockholm, Sweden

Nordfjell Collection at the Garden Fair Stockholm, Sweden

Floralies, International Garden Exhibition, Ghent, Belgium

Nordfjell Collection at the Gallery Nivå 125, Båstad, Sweden

Summer exhibition, Millesgården, Stockholm, Sweden


Chelsea Flower Show, London, UK


Exhibition architect for the Garden Exhibition at the Garden Society in Göteborg, Sweden


Chelsea Flower Show, London, UK


Landscape architect for ”The Gardens of the forest” at Wij Gardens, Ockelbo, Sweden


Artistic Director, Norrvikens Gardens, Båstad, Sweden


Landscape Architect for Orangeri Garden at the Housing Exhibition, Malmö, Sweden


Exhibition architect for  ” Gardens of Pleasure”, Göteborg, Sweden


Exhibition architect for ” Arts and crafts and gardening”, Stockholm Culture City of Europe, Stockholm, Sweden




City Environmental Prize, Lidingö Stad, for Dalenumkajen


Lunds City Developing Prize for `The Garden of sun and shadow´


Nominated for the Sienna Prize for Rådhusparken Umeå


Nominated for the Sienna Prize for City Park in Skellefteå

Stockholm City Developing Prize


Chelsea Flower Show, The Laurent-Perrier garden, London, Gold medal


The Royal Patriotic Society, Silver medal, Stockholm


Växjö, Garden from Chelsea Flower Show London 2007, A Tribute to Linnaeus, Swedish architects from the province of  Jönköping and Kronoberg


Karlskrona City Environment, Swedish architects for the province of Blekinge and Kalmar


Chelsea Flower Show, The Daily Telegraph Garden, London, Gold medal and Best in Show


Dale Carli Caprice, Swedish City Gardener´s Prize

Magazine `All about garden´ Large Prize


Science Council, Silver Medal, Stockholm

Sigge Ternwalls Construction Prize, Stockholm

Chelsea Flower Show `A tribute to Linnaeus´, London, won Gold.


Park of Wij Gardens,`The Gardens of the Forest´.  Appointed to the years most beautiful park.


Swedish architects prize, upper Northern Sweden, prize for SPA Park Umeå.


Green Penn prize.


Ulla Molin prize.


Sienna prize, Swedish architects prize for Knights Park, Stockholm.


Mark Concrete Association’s outdoor environment. Prize for the landscaping of Arlanda International Airport.


Nordfjell Collection
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102 61 Stockholm

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