Granite Pouffe

Granite Pouffe

Swedish Quality, designed and produced in Sweden.

A low cylindrical piece of light grey Swedish granite, inspired by an old millstone, and fashioned into a low seat, hovering slightly above the ground. A jewel for the garden.

The Granite Pouffe can be ordered with a hand carved bore hole or hand carved bore hole with hand carved gutter for water to encourage the sound of running water.



Granite Pouffe available on request

Size: diameter x height in millimeter

800 x 380 mm

900 x 380 mm

1000 x 380 mm

1200 x 380 mm

2000 x 380 mm

2500 x 380 mm

The Granite Pouffe can also be ordered with a hand carved borehole or

hand carved borehole with hand carved gutter for water.




Granite Pouffe Granite Pouffe with borehole and gutter

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